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Our latest news

Protective employees discussing current company news
Find the latest news and information on what we’re doing for you and your clients
What are we up to? Read all about our latest company and industry news, plus product and compliance updates.

Product and compliance updates

We’re continually working to improve our performance for you and your clients. Here’s what we’re up to right now.
A financial professional reviews the latest reprice of Strategic Objectives II VUL.
Our latest reprice of Protective® Strategic Objectives II VUL
A financial professional reviews protection needs with her clients, a man and a woman.
3 ways to meet more client needs — and strengthen your business
A father enjoying time with his daughter knowing his family is protected with term life insurance.
Our latest reprice of Protective%%®%% Classic Choice term
Retired couple walking and smiling, knowing their retirement goals are protected by a Protective Dimensions V variable annuity.
See our latest enhancements to Protective%%®%% Dimensions V variable annuity
A grandfather holding his grandson.
Offer clients the NEW Protective%%®%% Dimensions V variable annuity
A woman smiling knowing she is protected with universal life insurance.
Our latest reprice of Protective Advantage Choice%%SM%% UL