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Variable universal life offers strong growth potential and lifetime protection

Variable universal life insurance (VUL) can offer your clients two important benefits to secure what matters most: permanent coverage, plus powerful cash value growth potential to fund a future goal.

Why offer variable universal life insurance?

Your clients who want strong accumulation potential along with guaranteed protection will enjoy these benefits:
Coverage that lasts a lifetime
Guaranteed death benefit coverage protects loved ones for the long term
Flexible premium options
Premium choices for a variety of protection scenarios
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Maximum cash value growth potential
Growth fueled by fund performance can be used during their lifetime or as a legacy strategy
Extras for additional flexibility
Optional and built-in features offer more choices to protect goals now and down the road
See how a VUL works
Here’s a helpful guide to how a variable universal life insurance policy can grow and protect your client’s money.
A graphic explaining how a variable universal life insurance policy works.
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Consider variable universal life insurance for a client who has:
  • Long-term death benefit protection goals
  • A higher risk tolerance and wants maximum accumulation potential
  • Maxed out other vehicles and wants another tax-deferred growth option
  • A willingness to pay flexible premiums in more complex case designs
  • A desire for extras like chronic illness coverage
Keep our VUL in mind when your clients have strong accumulation goals

When your clients are looking for death benefit protection plus powerful cash value growth potential to fund a future goal, you can help them secure both with Protective® Strategic Objectives II VUL.

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Why life insurance is important to clients and you

We’re here for you

Everyone deserves peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding what’s most important. We’re ready to help you deliver the protection and security your clients deserve. Reach out to us anytime for questions and support, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

*The Variable Account is subject to the performance of your selected variable universal life investment options. There are investment risks, including the potential loss of principal. Should performance be unfavorable, cash value will decrease, and monthly deductions will increase.

**Though interest is charged on loans, in general, loans are not taxable. Withdrawals are taxable to the extent they exceed basis in the policy. Loans outstanding at policy lapse or surrender before the insured’s death will cause immediate taxation to the extent of gain in the policy. Unpaid loans and withdrawals reduce cash values and policy benefits.

Variable universal life insurance policies issued by Protective Life Insurance Company (PLICO). Securities offered by Investment Distributors, Inc. (IDI), the principal underwriter for registered products issued by PLICO, its affiliate. PLICO is located in Nashville, TN; IDI is located in Birmingham, AL.

Variable universal life insurance involves the risks of investing in stocks, bonds and other securities; market, interest rate and credit risk; and, loss of principle. If the investment performance of underlying investments is poorer than expected (or if sufficient premiums are not paid), the policy may lapse or not accumulate sufficient value to fund the intended application.

Investments in variable universal life insurance policies are subject to fees and charges from both the insurance company and the managers of underlying investments. Loans and withdrawals may negatively impact policy value, investment performance, death benefit, and any Lapse Protection.

Variable universal life insurance policy issued under policy form number ICC19 – V15 and state variations thereof. Product features and availability may vary by state.

Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of Protective Strategic Objectives II Variable Universal Life insurance and its underlying investment options before investing. This and other information is contained in the prospectus for Protective Strategic Objectives II Variable Universal Life and its underlying investment options. Investors should read the prospectuses carefully before investing. Prospectuses may be obtained by contacting PLICO at 800-456-6330.