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Add time back to your business with EZ-App%%SM%%

Increase the speed, convienence and accuracy of your applications by submitting them through our EZ-App platform. It can help streamline your business and enhance client experiences by spending less time on paperwork and more time focusing on meeting your clients' goals.


Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our EZ-App platform.
EZ-App is our electronic drop-ticket platform that makes submitting your permanent life insurance business faster, easier and more accurate. You can use EZ-App for a user-friendly experience that works seamlessly with our other Protective Velocity digital solutions.

EZ-App adds speed and convenience to your business by helping you: 

  • Avoid NIGOs and data entry errors. 
  • Submit applications faster and more efficiently. 
  • Cut application turnaround time by 14 days and enhance your client's experience.
  • Access EZ-App through JonesLink.
  • EZ-App will guide you through the submission process, prompting you for the necessary information at each step.
  • Complete all sections of the application. Your client will need to provide the phone number(s) they would like to use for completing the interview.
  • Schedule the client’s interview and provide them with the toll-free number, 888-800-6608, so they are aware of TeleLife’s caller ID. They may also call in and complete their interview.
  • Use the pre-submission review to edit any incorrect information.
  • Agree to the Agent Attestation within the application. This will serve as your electronic signature.

EZ-App is designed exclusively for submitting applications for certain permanent products. Examples: 

  • Protective Advantage Choice℠ UL
  • Protective Strategic Objectives II VUL

Helpful resources on EZ-App

Use these resources to learn more about EZ-App and how to use it to add efficiency to your business.
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