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Financial professional planning for retirement income accumulation risks.
Financial professional planning for retirement income accumulation risks.
Addressing risks for more confident asset growth
Market-driven investments play a big role in retirement saving, making protection from market declines an ongoing challenge. You can deeply serve your clients and help plan for potential accumulation risks to better protect their retirement.
Helping clients understand accumulation risks

Although many events can inhibit asset growth, think about accumulation risk in 2 ways:

1. ongoing market volatility, usually frequent but less disruptive

2. sudden, disruptive market volatility due to what are called "black swan events"

Our brochure explores these issues, and more, to help you open the door to protecting their savings and retirement goals.

Client and financial professional reviewing a retirement income accumulation risk plan.
Graphic of market volatility.
Resources to support your accumulation risk discussions
As you address risk management in your client conversations, consider this resource. It is designed specifically to initiate important discussions about market volatility and the tools available to protect your clients' hard-earned savings.

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