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Optimize growth for your clients with Protective%%®%% Dimensions IV increased withdrawal rates
August 1, 2022
We understand some of the current challenges and potential risks in today's landscape. That's why we're excited to announce enhanced withdrawal rates and increased compounding roll up for the SecurePay FXi benefit available with Protective Dimensions IV variable annuity to help clients with retirement goals and increase your sales.

We increased withdrawal rates; here’s what it means for clients

With Protective Dimensions IV variable annuity, you can help clients optimize growth potential, create a legacy and deliver guaranteed lifetime income. Now, our newly enhanced withdrawal rates offer even higher guaranteed income.

We increased our withdrawal rates by at least 15 basis points — creating stronger guaranteed income across a range of retirement ages. Plus, the compounding roll up has increased to 7%, optimizing your benefit base growth for up to 20 years.

Guaranteed maximum annual withdrawal percentages%%1%%

The following table shows the guaranteed maximum annual withdrawal percentages for key retirement ages. Plus, the compounding roll up increased to 7% (up from 5%).

New withdrawal rates


1 Lifetime income rates shown above for single persons and spouses by key retirement ages. See SecurePay FXi flyer for full details and guaranteed income factors for every age.

2 The Maximum Withdrawal Percentage is based on the age of the younger joint-covered person.

Transition rules and key dates to keep in mind

Protective will be increasing the withdrawal and rollup rates for the SecurePay FXi benefit available on Dimensions IV Variable Annuity for new sales effective of August 1, 2022.

  • Tickets/Applications dated July 31, 2022 or earlier and received in good order will be issued with the current withdrawal and rollup rates:
    • Cash/Applications/Any 1035 exchange paperwork related to these new tickets/applications must be received no later than August 15, 2022 (10 business days from effective date).
  • Previously submitted Annuity tickets/applications that are awaiting funding from 1035 exchanges and/or Not In Good Order (NIGO) items will continue to be processed through existing procedures.
  • Tickets/Applications for the Dimensions IV Variable Annuity dated August 1, 2022 and after will be accepted and issued with the new withdrawal and rollup rates.

Give Protective Dimensions IV variable annuity with SecurePay FXi another look today

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