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Investing with the SecurePay Income%%℠%% benefit

The SecurePay Income benefit¹ offers clients access to our competitive fund lineup through allocation options focused on maximizing and protecting retirement income.
Investment guidelines to support income guarantee
Adding the SecurePay Income benefit to a variable annuity contract provides your clients a stream of guaranteed income for life. Investment parameters help support this important income protection feature. They include preselected allocation options and guidelines based on whether the client is accumulating assets or taking income.

Offer your clients a choice of investment approaches

The SecurePay Income benefit offers a choice of investment approaches to help you align to your clients’ preferences and instill more confidence in their ability to achieve their retirement goals.

For a simplified approach, the SecurePay Income benefit has a choice of preselected allocation portfolios: The Protective Allocation Portfolios and the American Funds Insurance Series Allocation Portfolios. Each offers a distinct approach and range of equity and fixed income allocation targets, so even your more risk-averse clients can customize a strategy to help meet their goals.

Protective Allocation Portfolios
Our Protective Allocation Portfolios can help simplify the investment process for clients with preallocated portfolios based on various levels of risk tolerance. All 4 portfolios are available during accumulation. The Balanced Growth & Income Global Focus and Balanced Growth & Income Global Focus portfolios are also available once clients begin to take income.

  • Growth Focus: 80% Equity / 20% Fixed Income
  • Balanced Toward Growth: 65% Equity / 25% Fixed Income
  • Balanced Growth & Income Global Focus: 50% Equity / 50% Fixed Income
  • Balanced Growth & Income Domestic Focus: 50% Equity / 50% Fixed Income

Download portfolio details

American Funds Insurance Series® Allocation Portfolios
Each portfolio blends investment options from American Funds for objective-based growth potential. All 5 portfolios are available during accumulation. The Global Balanced Growth & Income and Balanced Growth & Income portfolios are also available once clients begin to take income.

  • Global Growth: 80% Equity / 20% Fixed income
  • Growth: 80% Equity / 20% Fixed income
  • Global Growth & Income: 65% Equity / 35% Fixed income
  • Growth & Income: 65% Equity / 35% Fixed income
  • Global Balanced Growth & Income: 50% Equity / 50% Fixed income
  • Balanced Growth & Income: 50% Equity / 50% Fixed income

Download portfolio details

For a custom approach, you can help clients build their own diversified portfolio to meet their specific needs with our Allocation by Investment Category program. This program is available during the accumulation phase of the contract (i.e. before the benefit election date).

Allocation by Investment Categories (AIC)

Each investment option has been assigned to an investment category based on investment risk. Clients may allocate to any investment option in the following categories, provided they follow the minimum and maximum allocation requirements indicated in the chart.

  • Conservative Allocation: 10% - 100%
  • Moderate Allocation: 0% - 90%
  • Aggressive Allocation: 0% - 40%

Download Allocation by Investment Category guide

Use the Performance Center to support investment decisions
Our online tool allows you to quickly access fund information and performance details for the investment options available with the SecurePay Income benefit. Once in the tool, simply choose Variable Annuities and Protective Dimensions V.

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SecurePay Income%%SM%% benefit for guaranteed income and flexibility
We’re here for you
Everyone deserves peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding what’s most important. We’re ready to help you deliver the protection and security your clients deserve. Reach out to us anytime for questions and support, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.
¹SecurePay Income is an optional protected lifetime income benefit available at an additional cost of 1.50% with the Protective Dimensions V variable annuity. SecurePay Income has certain requirements and restrictions and is subject to state availability and will affect the underlying annuity contract features. For complete details, please see the product prospectus.

Protective refers to Protective Life Insurance Company (PLICO), Nashville, TN, and its affiliates. Variable products distributed by Investment Distributors, Inc. (IDI), Birmingham, AL, a broker-dealer and principal underwriter of registered products issued by PLICO, its affiliate.

Protective is a registered trademark of PLICO. The Protective trademarks, logos, and service marks are property of PLICO and are protected by copyright, trademark, and/or other proprietary rights and laws.

Protective Dimensions V variable annuity is a flexible premium deferred variable and fixed annuity contract issued by PLICO in all states except New York on policy form VDA-P-2006. SecurePay Income benefits issued on rider form VDA-P-6068. Product availability and features may vary by state.

Variable annuities are long-term investments intended for retirement planning and involve market risk and the possible loss of principal. Investments in variable annuities are subject to fees and charges from the insurance company and the investment managers.

Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of a variable annuity, any optional protected lifetime income benefit, and the underlying investment options before investing. This and other information is contained in the prospectus for a variable annuity and its underlying investment options. Investors should read the prospectus carefully before investing. Prospectuses may be obtained by contacting Protective at 800-456-6330.